Sunday, 17 June 2012

GPIII : Anglers Gear Line Up [Eng]

The entry for today sounds like a starting eleven in football match.. Well its Euro Fever now, So GPIII decided to make it looks like football. In this post, GPIII will tell about the gear or stuff that we need to bring   when we want to go fishing. Take note, this is only a suggestion from GPIII and what GPIII always do.

1. Bag pack.
Well personally BadukangBoy of GPIII always bring a bag to store stuff like fishing gear, food,water, plastic bag, fish net and so on.

2. Rod
Except you are going to do handline fishing then you need to bring your rod when you go fishing. For deep sea, make sure you bring spare since there are always cases, your rod broke during the trip. Better be ready for any trouble that might occur when you are on deep sea fishing. For GPIII we like to bring our favourite rod. BadukangBoy always bring his favourite rod which he named it BadukangBoy. lol. But nowadays he only bring his 10-12 lb rod.

3. Reel
Bring your best reel too, and make sure it already loaded with lines. Theres no way you want to load your lines when you reach the fishing spot.

4. Extra main line.
Well in case your line was dragged too far and boom, the you need to reload your lines. haha

5. Sinker, Hook, Lure
Make sure you have enough of this and if you are going to do some bottom fishing, make sure you have enough baits.

6. Compass, Lighter, Torchlight.
Lighter if you plan to do bbq once you get fish, or when you didnt get any and want to eat your own baits. lol. Torchlight, you will need this if you go on night fishing trip. Compass, well in case if you lost, you still got something to rely on. For muslims you can use compass to locate the direction of Qiblah. In Malaysia our bearing is 290-291 degree from the north.

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